EIJIW Chapter 52

Chapter 51


*Important Note – The names of some of the treasures Shen Qian Ling is collecting have been re-edited. I’ll go back and edit in the re-edited names in previous chapters (eventually). The following ones are the pearls that have been mentioned so far:

Luminous Pearl β†’ Luminous Night Pearl

Bi Lu Tong β†’ Viridian Jade Pupil

Stone of Scarlet Flame β†’ Scarlet Flame Stone

Blue Crystal Jade β†’ Jade of Blue Topaz

Eye of Gold β†’ Golden Eye

Snow Colour Glass β†’ Crystal of Clear Snow

[Chapter 52 – Purely unintentional!] Sect Leader Qin said it!

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DWGL Chapter 77

Chapter 76 [Chapter 77 – Bai Xiang Country] Someone fancies this young master  Among the sporadic sea breeze, Duan Bai Yue stood on the ship’s deck, watching the ever-changing shapes of clouds. Si Kong Rui, carrying a jar of wine, asked: β€œWant a drink?” Duan Bai Yue snapped out of his thoughts: β€œYou brewed it?” … Read more

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